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A course to get started on Thinking Through Financial Planning.

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  • On 3rd May 2020
    • Foram (my fiancée): Abhishek, I have an extra INR X lakhs lying around - where should I invest it.
    • Me (in my head): F\*ck! I only know FDs and Startups and that's not a great answer to give to her now, is it.
    • Me (to her): Let me think about it and come back to you, hon.
  • Approximately 4 months later...
    • That’s how I got triggered to go on a deep dive into everything personal finance. 
    • Since then - I've done my own work - and started on my journey. While doing that - I realised a lot of peers were in a similar boat - so I created a course to help you get started with your personal financial planning!

This course does not have solutions. It’s a course to help you learn, and through a structured approach - helps you build a system.

Details about the course

  • It's a combination of learning and doing, and goes beyond just 'understanding' - it accompanies you through execution.
  • It’s a DIY course - so you can do it on your pace. Power through it over a weekend, or spread it across a few weeks. I’d recommend absorbing it as you go along, and not forcefully rushing it.
  • It is a structured, and detailed guide in the form of a Google Document, and a few excel worksheets to work on your planning and execution. 
  • This course is relevant to you - whether you're single, have a partner, or have dependents.

Who is this course for

If you want to work on your financial planning, regardless of your context. Even if it may not be something you can immediately action - the clarity of perspective and thought you build through this will hold you in good stead.

Who is this course for -

  • If you’ve reached here, in all likelihood this course *is* for you.
  • The course has helped people who’re 38, with a family and two kids, and equally has proved helpful to students still in college.
  • If you want to work on your financial planning, regardless of your context - this course is for you. It may not be something you can immediately action - but I believe the clarity of perspective and thought you build through this will hold you in good stead.

This course may not be for you if -

  • You aren't sure whether you want to get started with your financial planning just yet. Though I'd recommend reading this and this. One can never start early enough on managing our money.
  • You have already spent a large amount of time on your overall personal financial planning and it's 80% in place and being executed well, with just a few gaps.

Meet the creator

Meet the creator

Abhishek Agarwal

Currently, I drive revenue and growth at SHEROES (a women-only community based social platform) and occasionally invest in startups. I’m fairly active in the D2C ecosystem, an erstwhile active runner (I’m trying to get back to it) - and I’ve recently moved to Goa. 😎

Professionally, prior to this - I was heading strategy at Ninjacart, I’ve bootstrapped my own startup for 5 years to profitability, run an angel fund OperatorVC investing in early-stage companies, and spent 5 odd years in strategy consulting. I’m one of those cliched IIT (Delhi) and IIM (Ahmedabad) folks, but I’d like to believe I’m more of an exception to the stereotype. 😅

YES! I want to get started on figuring my money scene out ⟶


There are people like me who are fortunate and blessed to have friends and mentors who will pick up the phone, answer questions, and help plan different aspects of our lives. I cherish these relationships and the benefits because I want to feel like I deserved that wisdom and attention. If you’re reading this, know that I am jealous of you - I now have to share one of my go-to mentors’ wisdom and play book with you. All you need to part with are a few minutes of your time and some pocket change. Enjoy this steal. See you at the top.

Nikhil Jois

[30 yrs. 3X founder. 1X Exit]

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If you truly cannot afford the fee - feel free to ping me on [email protected], and I am happy to help.

Absolutely - that is a fantastic idea. I’ve done this for a few teams (Pepper Content, to name one), and it’s been received well. Drop me a line and let's figure it out - [email protected]